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Tilemans Park have been providing personal spaces for over 15 years. We built our first recording studio unit around 1997 so that a sound engineer could develop his music and recording hobby.

This developed into a suit of three sound engineering rooms with two live rooms and an office. Some of these units have now been re-purposed  and we still have a number of units that could be used as music practice rooms, man caves or craft rooms – it’s your choice.

Contact us  – we would love to hear your ideas. All of our personal spaces can be fitted out to your requirements and they all include super-fast internet

Why rent your own space?

Get a space of your own. Somewhere to chill out or to make lots of noise – concentrate on your hobby in your own space. We offer:

Why use Tilemans Park?

There are many reasons why customers like to use us.

Phone us for a chat to discuss your needs and wants. We pride ourselves on our welcome and friendly service

Noisy Hobbies

Music Hobbies
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Building and making stuff
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a space of your own

Tilemans Park covers roughly 3.2 acres of industrial estate with the objective of developing the site and the business tenants and clients in a sustainable way.
Tilemans Park is fast becoming an important hub for small business and services to the community in Shipston-on-Stour and the wider area.
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